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As an author of children's books, my goal is to encourage children to read and learn basic life lessons through short stories.  Using an interactive process, I hope to engage children to look, listen and learn.  I believe "looking" is an important part of every child's developmental journey.

Reading is a great way to help children explore the world through what they see, hear, read and imagine.  Reading encourages   children to explore the world beyond their immediate surroundings. Stories take them on exciting adventures and promotes new ideas for them to share and discuss.

I hope you find great pleasure in reading and sharing my books with children in your circle of family and friends.

"Do You See Me?" is a fun and engaging interactive book for children to read or participate as listeners.  The book incorporates a game of looking and listening to identify people, animals and objects from clues provided in the descriptions and colorful illustrations.  Children are encouraged to respond to the question "Do You See Me?" that is asked throughout the book. 

Look, look, look.

What do you see?

I see you.

​Do you see me?

"Look With Me" is a book of poetry storytelling for toddlers and preschoolers.  It includes three short stories to motivate children to look and explore the world around them.  One story, "Looking Together," is especially dedicated to children without sight.  Looking is not just about what is seen with the eyes, but what you hear and feel in your heart and mind.  The book encourages children to talk and share ideas as each story ends with a question.

"Looking is part of every

child's  journey"

​Sandy Williams

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